The date was December 9, 1994. I should thank my friend Shannon for this introduction. She wanted to go bowling, so we met at the bowling alley, along with another girl (her name is Jen too!). I got there, and Shannon informed me that she brought me a date. My reaction was: "What?!?" Besides, i was going to tell her that I didn't feel very good, and just wanted to stay home. The bowling alley was full, because there was a league bowling at the time. So we waited in the parking lot for this "date" to show up. (I'm sure my husband is getting a kick out of reading this! He never knew the whole story!) Little did he know that he was being set up... Well, he arrived, and we met. Shanon had to go to a class, and the bowling alley was full, so, I went home, Shannon went to her class, and Jen and Ron went to a local amusement center. We all decided to meet at Jason's (a local all night resteraunt) in about an hour. I went home and changed and took some Tylenol so I would feel better. Well, the time came, and we all met at Jason's...of course Shannon was making it clear that she wanted Ron and I to sit together. We all sat there and talked and then we decided to go up to Mt. Erie. We took two cars, Shannon and Jen in one, and Ron and I in the other. We started driving there, but we stopped at the bridge, and were walking across it. I hate walking across that bridge! I don't know why, but I don't like to do it. I kept saying this, I have no idea why. Then we all got back in the cars, it was quite chilly, and we went the rest of the way. Shannon and Jen were in the lead, and Shannon was driving fast, so Ron had to tell me where to go, 'cause I'd never been up to Mt. Erie. We talked as we drove there, about general things. We finally got to the bottom of this "mountain" and started our ascent. The roads are very curvy, and that time of year, they get icy too (and foggy). We could not see Shannon's car anymore, so we were hoping she wasn't going too fast. We went around a curve, and I lost control of my car for a minute, and all Ron could say was "tree". We didn't run into anything or go off the road. I was scared because I didn't want to wreck my car, I'd only had it for a month! So now Ron claims I was trying to kill him! =) Then all of a sudden, there was Shannon's car, coming down the road. She stopped and said the road got worse, so we should go back. I turned my car around (that was an adventure!) and drove back down. I drove Ron back to Jason's so he could get his truck and go home. We chatted a little before he left, and I hoped that he had a good time. Then I went home and went to bed.

The next time I saw Ron was after a Christmas party that I had to attend (I think it was on the 19). Shannon and I met him at Jason's. We didn't stay long, because I had to take Shannon back to her car. There were several late night dates from then until Christmas. I had to work on Christmas Eve (only til 6 pm) and Ron came to visit me, but I had to tell him to come back because we were closing and I had to actually work! So I met him in the parking lot after I got off. He totally suprised me with a necklace and two yellow roses. Apparently, those late night dates had really impressed him! I had to go home, because my family and I were going out to dinner, and I was running a bit late. I went home - still in shock - and showed my parents the gift (I hadn't opened it yet) and the roses. My mom wanted me to open it and I did. It was a beautiful opal necklace. I went to put it on and the clasp broke! Oh no! Well, I saw Ron on Christmas (and gave him the necklace so he could get it repaired) as well as Shannon. We went to the movies... "Dumb and Dumber" for anybody who wants to know! Shannon thought it was funny... Well, Ron locked his keys in his truck, so the three of us were sitting in my car waiting for his mom to bring a spare key. Well, she came and left, Shannon went home, and Ron and I sat in my car and talked until well after midnight. We had such wonderful conversations.

Next installment coming soon!

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