Last updated: March 31, 1999

Local Links

Whidbey Island Homepage
Washington State Ferries

Check out the local server!

Comedy Links

Get your laughs at The Bartend

The Free Peach Campaign!

A little comic relief!

Stuff You Can Use

Get Your REAL AUDIO Here!

The BEST Place to Find E-Cards!

Get ICQ!
Oh My Goodness ~ A card site that is very funny! But, it is adult oriented.

Sites You Need to Go to

A useful link for all those married to Marines,
thinking about it,
or just wanting more info!

Adopt a POW/MIA

Join the Blue Ribbon Online Free Speech Campaign!

Join the Campaign for Responsibility in Free Speech!

Check out the NRA's page.

Commercial Sites

Mmm...Godiva Chocolates!

The best Outdoor Equipment store in the Northwest!

Great computer stuff here, at low prices!
Also other things, auction place.

Family & Friends

Our Nephew Joey's Page...gee he's smart! *lol*

My Dad's cousin's page-lots of family pics!

My friend Bill's site!

Do you like the song playing? It's "Tainted Love" from Soft Cell. Get it now!

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