January 20, 2000
Happy New Year a little bit late. Today I had my asthma test and it was decided I have "cough variant asthma" and according to the allergy test a couple weeks before, I'm allergic to dust mites (which is what is causing my asthma). Good news, my husband is supposed to vacuum and dust! Currently we have been very busy, working and going to appointments and other such things. We are dogsitting for Ron's parents who are away visiting family in Tennessee and Mississippi. I have started working at an adult care center right here in Coupeville. It's very nice to be able to get to work in less than 5 minutes. Ron is still working at the courthouse as a computer tech. Katie will be going to training starting next week. I think she'll do very well. Well, I'm getting ver tired right now, had that appointment at 8 this morning in Mt. Vernon which is about 45 minutes away and the past two days were frosty in the morning so we left early and that was just tooooooooooooo early!

December 5, 1999
I think I may start to work on my page more. I'm not entirely happy with the whole thing, but I guess that's something I can change with a little work. I got my hair cut short on Friday, to the surprise of everyone...but not everyone has seen it yet! I don't know why I only get my hair cut short in the winter time, when it's cold. Oh well. Katie has almost been with us for 2 months! Can you believe it? Last night she saw something outside and started barking and ALL the fur along her back was standing on end. I've only seen half the hair on her back on end so this was kinda creepy! We think maybe she saw some coyotes or something like that. We didn't see anything, but by the time we looked, whatever it was, was gone. Of course we don't mind if she barks at something or someone who doesn't belong on our property. A barking dog will only draw attention to that unwanted thing...! I think that's it for now!

October 20, 1999
Well, Ron and I got a puppy on October 6. She's a five month old lab mix (we don't know what she's mixed with!)
We are having fun with her, and learning all sorts of new things. She's a yellow lab with a spotted tongue! Grace wasn't exactly happy that we brought a dog home, but she's getting used to Katie slowly. We'll have at least one picture of Katie on here sometime in the future. I just have to get the pics developed first........actually I have to finish the roll of film first!!!! I'm sure we'll have pictures of our new house too. Maybe that's how I'll finish the film off! Well, better go take these pics before it gets dark!

September 29, 1999
WOW! Four months since I've updated this page!!!!!!!!!!! It's been a bit busy. Ron and I have done quite a bit. The biggest thing was buying a house. We are now the proud owners of a 1767 square foot home that is bright blue.........known at Ace as the "Smurf House". How wonderful, huh? We moved from a small city to a small town, but still on Whidbey Island. It's going to take some getting used to. I'm still unpacking everything....I'm thinking that it will take quite a while to do that! There is a lot of cleaning to do first........I should probably get back to it...

May 27, 1999
Well, Ron got home safe and sound on the 14th! We spent the weekend together (of course!). Nothing unusual has been happening lately, just bad weather! Well, it was nice last weekend amazingly enough! I'm not sure about this weekend...it looks like it might rain...but the news just said 68 and 71 were the high temps for Saturday and Sunday. We'll see if THAT happens! I got some strawberries and herbs on Thursday and found a strawberry pot to hold them all! It looks very nice with all my other plants out on the deck! The hummingbirds have been very entertaining, defending their territory, sitting on their little perch, looking in at us as we're looking out at them. But that's about all......sad, isn't it? LOL

May 2, 1999
It seems I neglected to write anything here in April. Shame on me, I suppose! Nothing much has changed... Exciting, isn't it? I've planted flowers in pots on my deck again...it's always nice to have a little bit of cheer when you look out the window! And it seems I've become a volunteer! I'm volunteering with Tripod in the Country & Western Pod and also at the local animal shelter (haven't started either yet). Ron is off with the Marines for a couple of weeks (no, not overseas, just in CA). I wish the spring weather would come back...it's supposed to rain all week. And it is rather windy today. Well, that's about it....

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